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The SCEC Phase-III Strong-Motion Database

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The following is a list of papers published in the December, 2000, special issue (Vol. 90, 6B) of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, which combined represent the SCEC Phase III report.

You can order the entire special issue, BSSA Vol. 90, no. 6B, online through the Seismological Society of America

To order a reprint of the overview paper, use our catalog.

This special issue of BSSA is dedicated to Keitti Aki - a founding father of both SCEC and the Phase III initiative, and of site response studies in general. In fact, his name appears more than any other in the reference list of this paper. His modesty in light of a distinguished and prolific career represents a degree of excellence to which we all aspire. 

Click on the titles to read the abstracts:

Accounting for Site Effects in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analyses of Southern California: Overview of the SCEC Phase III Report
By: E.H. Field & the SCEC Phase III Working Group

Evaluation of Methods for Estimating Linear Site Response Amplifications in the Los Angeles Region
By: L.A. Wald and J. Mori

Expected Shape of Regressions for Ground Motion Parameters on Rock
By: J.G. Anderson

Expected Signature of Nonlinearity on Regression for Strong Ground Motion Parameters
By: S.-D. Ni, J.G. Anderson, Y. Zeng, and R.V Siddharthan

The SCEC Southern California Reference 3D Seismic Velocity Model Version 2
By: H. Magistrale, S. Day, R.W. Clayton, and R. Graves

Site Amplification in the Los Angeles Basin from 3D Modeling of Ground Motion
By: K.B. Olsen
The entire paper, with images and movies is here.

Strong Motion from Surface Waves in Deep Sedimentary Basins
By: W.B. Joyner

The SCEC Phase III Strong-motion Database
By: J.H. Steidl and Y. Lee

Evaluation of Empirical Ground Motion Relations in Southern California
By: Y. Lee, J.G. Anderson, and Y. Zeng

Site Response in Southern California for Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis
By: J.H. Steidl

Potential for Improving Ground Motion Relations in Southern California by Incorporating Various Site Parameters
By: Y. Lee and J.G. Anderson

A Site Conditions Map for California Based on Geology and Shear Wave Velocity
By: C.J. Wills, M.D Petersen, W.A., Bryant, M.S. Reichle, G.J. Saucedo, S.S. Tan, G.C. Taylor, and J.A. Treiman

A Modified Ground-Motion Attenuation Relationship for Southern California that Accounts for Detailed Site Classification and a Basin-Depth Effect
By: E.H. Field

A Test of Various Site-Effect Parameterizations in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analyses of Southern California
By: E.H Field and M.D. Petersen

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